One of the most important elements in creating a successful blog is link building. Yet doing so is not always as easy at it may at first seem. Countless websites are willing to provide links to your website. But a much fewer number are willing to provide dofollow links. These are the links that Google puts a premium on. They are key to Google’s algorithms – possibly the biggest of all. In fact, Google’s original name was BackRub, hinting at the importance of backlinks. Back in those days there were only one kind of backlink, with all contributing to page ranking. In this article I shall reveal how to get quality backlinks from Twitch. But first, why is this such a rare opportunity?

Today the algorithms are a little more advanced. Website owners can choose to either give out a dofollow or a nofollow link. The latter kind offer no benefit to your Google ranking. So it’s a good way to drive traffic to a friendly site without wanting to lose any “link juice”. Give away too many dofollow links and Google might see your website as a low quality spam farm.

So, we have established that dofollow links are harder to come by. It is also the case that dofollow links from successful websites are more valuable to Google than smaller ones. It’s like a political endorsement. Some names just have more say than others. But there are some monstrously large websites out there willing to give out dofollow links. One of them is Twitch, and in this article I’ll show you how to get TEN dofollow backlinks from this well known brand.

Twitch Backlinks

The well known brand I mention is is Twitch, the world’s premier platform for user generated streaming. Like YouTube for livestreaming, users are free to livestream a variety of content, from gaming to podcasts and reaction videos. The platform currently has more than 140 million active monthly users. At any one time there are thousands of ongoing streams and an average of 2.4 million viewers watching. So you won’t be shocked to hear that Google considers Twitch a high quality website. And unlike most other high quality websites, it offers dofollow backlinks. In fact, it offers FIVE dofollow backlinks for every Twitch account. So if you want that, just create a Twitch Tv profile and follow these steps closely.

First of all you must sign up for a Twitch TV account.
The sign up form for Twitch Tv
Then click on the profile icon and head over to settings. Select the “Channel and videos” section.
Twitch settings field
Scroll down to the Social Links module and add up to five links of your choosing.
The backlinks section within Twitch
It’s really that simple. Just save the changes and exit.

Seldom is it so easy to get any Dofollow links, let alone five! That’s why I myself pounced on the chance to set up a Twitch TV account, which you can see for yourself here:

The beauty of this method is you do not need to ever upload a video or attempt a livestream. Merely building a profile and furnishing it with whatever links you desire. Some people even create multiple accounts in order to gain 10 or even 15 backlinks from Twitch. Personally, I DO NOT recommend doing so. Five backlinks from Twitch is more than enough for any blogger. Let’s not bite the hand that feeds us.

This is just the first article I have written on link building. I do plan on writing more, and making the topic a new section of my website. So be sure to stick around if you want more link building guides and insights.